Whether you are patient or a consumer, getting marijuana from a dispensary always means loading cash in your wallet. The reason that marijuana users have to bring cash instead of their cards is that most banks do not accept marijuana money nor do they approve such businesses to open a bank account.

Therefore, consumers have no option but to bring cash. However, with the increased use of cash in marijuana dispensaries, more businesses are considering the idea of placing an ATM in their business space. ATMs offer unlimited cash to those visiting such dispensaries without having to withdraw money from elsewhere.

GreenStar ATM is one such ATM service provider that offers ATM installation in marijuana stores. If you are still looking for other ways to increase revenue, here’s a list of reasons that will convince you that getting an ATM for your dispensary is the right thing to do:

1.     No Additional Cost Involved

When you think of placing an ATM machine in your dispensary, you might think of additional costs of renting the machine, getting it shipped, and installed. However, companies like GreenStar ATM offer free-of-cost placement of these machines to your business space. From shipment to connecting the system of the machine, their team does it all.

2.     Flexible Payments

You are not bound to buy an ATM machine for your dispensary because many ATM providers offer leasing options. You only have to pay a fee for the ATM service every month.

3.     Greater Business Opportunities

ATM providers like GreenStar ATM offer companies a chance to make commission off of their ATM service. Those companies generating more revenue by selling an increased amount of marijuana can get to share in the interest received in the form of ATM cash withdrawal service and expand their business.

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