marijuana leafAs a marijuana dispensary owner, you may know the significance of an ATM machine.

Due to the changing federal laws on marijuana, most dispensaries don’t accept credit cards. In fact, they accept only cash, which has created the need for ATMs at dispensaries.

There’s no doubt that dispensary ATM machines offer a multitude of benefits to both businesses and customers. But, dispensary owners need to do more just install a machine at their location. They need to focus on making their ATM machines stand out from the rest.

If you want to know how to make your machine stand out and stay ahead of your competitors, here are a few tips to follow:

Brand your ATM machine

Brand your machine to attract customers. This is the simplest way to expand your customer base. Branding creates buzz and generates revenue for businesses. Discuss with your ATM provider how you can brand your ATM machine appropriately.

Another easy way to get people talking is by having catchy graphics on the machine. Try to change these images every few months.

Rent an ATM for a cultural event

You can rent an ATM for a cultural event, such as Hempfest. Most of your customers are likely to attend popular events. In order to win them over, make sure there’s an ATM available for cash withdrawals.

Many ATM companies provide mobile ATM service on rent. Collaborate with such a company to boost your marijuana sales.

Choose a respectable, reliable service provider

Finally, select a reputable ATM provider for your dispensary. Buying an ATM is no easy job. The availability of many models makes the task even harder.

So, choose a service company that offers customized solutions that suit your dispensary’s objectives, interests and requirements. Other than that, look for complete service. In other words, the company should take care of all aspects of the machine – from installation to monitoring and maintenance. Technical support is also critical to make sure your machine functions smoothly.

At GreenStar ATM, we offer a personalized marijuana dispensary ATM services in the Northwest – Oregon, Colorado and Washington. As a leading marijuana ATM provider, we provide clients with functional, attractive ATM machines, from top-of-the-line manufacturers. And that’s not all – we deal with maintenance, monitoring and technical guidance as well.

From custom ATM designs to ATM rental for cultural events, we do it all. Our goal is to make sure that your dispensary is stocked with cash 24/7. You can rent, buy or lease ATMS. Explore our amazing pricing packages here.

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