Marijuana leafs imageIf you want to know the secret behind a successful medical marijuana dispensary, you’re at the right spot. While there is no magic formula, you can avoid a few mistakes to achieve your business goals. From quality product to customer care, here are the most common marijuana dispensary mistakes to avoid:

Sell a low quality product

Quality matters when it comes to marijuana. No one wants to spend their money on an inferior quality product.

Quality standards vary from one state to another. Make an effort to inform customers about the steps your business takes to maintain quality produce. Let them know essential details, such as how you produce and test your stock.

Lack of personalized service

Most businesses aim to form long-term relationships with their customers. Personalized service ensures attracting and retaining customers.

Customers today expect personalized service. They want a unique experience that suits their specific needs and interests. If your team is unable to deliver customized solutions, your business will suffer. Therefore, train your employees in customer service. They should greet every customer with a smile or a handshake. Similarly, they should attend to a customer’s needs immediately, whether he or she is a new or regular customer. At the end of the day, word of mouth advertising will bring in more customers.

Hiring rude and incompetent staff

Be sure to hire the right people for the job. Employ knowledgeable, honest and responsible individuals. Train them appropriately. Familiarize them with everything that you sell. Teach them how deal with customers.

Poor store layout

The first thing that people notice about your dispensary is its layout. A clean, well maintained and comfortable store will make a lasting impression on them.

Focus on your dispensary’s interior design. Display artwork on the walls to brighten up your store.  Keep the dispensary neat and tidy, and make use of space wisely. If possible, use natural light. Also, display your merchandise in an effective manner. It should easy to browse through and reach for customers.

Not having an ATM facility

Add an ATM to your marijuana dispensary. The intensely debated marijuana banking laws have made it challenging for most dispensaries to accept credit cards. That’s why it’s crucial to have an ATM at your store.

Customers can get money anytime they want at your dispensary. Most importantly, they will also buy your product.

In order to build customer loyalty, get a personalized ATM solution for your dispensary. You won’t regret it. We offer a variety of marijuana dispensary ATM pricing options in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

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