Welcome to the Marijuana Industry, California!


Just kidding!  We know you have had the underground kush game jumping ever since Snoop n Dre on the Chronic – and now we are stoked to see you joining the legal marijuana industry!


Putting ATMs in marijuana dispensaries is literally our primary business…

So you could say we know what we’re doing!  We are so excited to be touring the Golden State setting up ATMs…  Let us know if you don’t have an ATM yet and let’s get it crackin’!


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Marijuana Dispensary ATMs for California

We want you to find the perfect cash solution for your new marijuana dispensaries. These new laws are constantly changing, but cash remains as a constant form of payment. Many businesses are required to deal in cash only, not allowing for card transaction due to federal laws. California, you’re new to the game, but as seasoned veterans, we want to help your businesses succeed and maneuver through the system.


California Marijuana ATM
Qualify NOW for an ATM

Need an ATM in a hurry? We’ll put you on the fast track and qualify you for an ATM in no time! We’ll get you set up so you can start earning money as soon as possible.

We make choosing your ATM fast and easy, with a wide variety of options to fit your needs. This means you’ll keep the largest margin of profit.

Free ATM Placement with Greenstar

No money down and you get paid to have our ATM generating revenue for your business! You’ll get your portion of profits and increase your foot traffic too.

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