How often do you use an ATM machine to withdraw cash to make a transaction? If you say several times each month, you are not alone. These days, most people prefer to use their credit card and debit card to withdraw cash. What could they possibly need to take out money for? To answer your question, here are a few reasons that explain why people have begun to use their bank card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine:

They Do Not Have to Worry About Someone Stealing Their Money

If a person steals their bag or wallet, they do not have to worry about losing a lot of money. Instead, they can quickly call their bank to alert them that someone has stolen their purse or wallet and they need to block their credit and debit card. If they had carried two hundred dollars in their wallet or purse, then that would have hurt, as there is no way they can block the thief from using their money, but they can block a credit card or debit card immediately.

They Do Not Like Carrying a lot of Money

Perhaps, they like the ease carrying a bank card offers to carrying wads of cash. If they need to make a payment or buy something, they do not have to go through the hassle of counting the money and then giving it to the cashier. Instead, they can use their ATM card to take out the exact amount they need to make a purchase.

They Prefer Making Purchases Using their Bank Card

Another reason they might prefer using a bank card to cash is due to the convenience it offers them to pay their utility bills, grocery bills, and shopping bills. Perhaps, it allows them to pay their bills on time or they like knowing the fact that with a bank card, they would never have to worry about running low on cash.

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