Since most of the country is socially distancing and staying at home as much as possible due to COVID-19, telemedicine has become more popular than ever before. From appointments with your General Practitioner to Dermatology to cognitive therapy, being able to connect with a medical professional online has made keeping up with your health much easier during this uncertain time.

It has long been known that marijuana can be a boon for sufferers of anxiety and depression, pain and inflammation, and the side effects of such diseases as Cancer and Lyme. Many patients don’t want to have to wait weeks for it to become safe to see a doctor in order to get a medical marijuana card.

Thankfully, many states have adopted procedures to allow for an online application and telemedicine appointment in order to approve a medical marijuana card.

States such as Illinois, California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, and Oklahoma allow for you to use telemedicine services to apply for your medical marijuana card. 

How Do I Apply Online?

There are online companies who have put together a process for online completion of a medical marijuana card – including a telehealth appointment with a doctor who can approve your application. Veriheal, MedCardNow, NuggMD, and LeafWell are just a few of the companies providing this service.

How Does it Work?

In order to get your medical marijuana card via telehealth you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register online through your chosen company. You’ll be asked to provide answers on your medical history and your ailments. You can also book an appointment with a licensed marijuana doctor.
  2. Meet with the marijuana physician. In most cases you’ll be able to do this meeting online via telehealth. If you’d prefer, some companies will allow you to meet in person with the physician. During this appointment, the physician will evaluate your medical history and answer any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment.
  3. Get approved and receive your medical marijuana card. Depending on your state, once you have been approved, you will either be able to purchase medical marijuana immediately or you’ll need to wait to receive your card in the mail. 

In order to ensure success in being approved for a medical marijuana card, check with your state to confirm the steps you’ll need to take. Many states will require you to register with a government agency in order to receive your card.

Thanks to this system of approval, it is now easier than ever to apply, and get approved for, a medical marijuana card.

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