While ATM machines at marijuana dispensaries offer convenience for both customers and businesses, they also come with security risks. From card skimming to card theft, ATM fraud is on the rise. And the most effective way to minimize such incidents is by raising customer safety awareness.

Here are a few safety tips for people to use ATMs at dispensaries:

Be aware of your surroundings

Before arriving at the ATM, check out the dispensary. Keep an eye on the area. Does it appear safe to you? Focus on the people nearby. If you withdraw money at night, check if the ATM has enough lighting.

Pin codeLock the door

Always lock the ATM door when you withdraw cash. Avoid withdrawing lump sum amounts. At the same time, cover the keyboard so that no one can see your PIN.

Exit immediately

Once you get cash, collect your receipt. Before you leave, make sure no one is following you.

In case you suspect someone is following you, head to a public place. In worst case scenario, call the cops.

Keep your PIN a secret

Don’t share your PIN with anyone. Memorize it. Don’t select a common pin number, such as your birth date. Moreover, change the number frequently to make it more difficult for fraudsters to guess.

Marijuana business owners should take the following steps to secure their ATMS:

Select a safe location

First and foremost, install an ATM at a secure location. Choose a space that is not accessible to general public.

Hire a security guard

Consider employing a trained security person. It’s a worthwhile investment towards your business.

Choose a reliable ATM provider

Select an ATM company that specializes in ATM services for dispensaries. Reputable companies offer full service, which includes machine installation, maintenance and monitoring.

At GreenStar ATM, we do just that. As a leading ATM provider in the Northwest, we offer a wide range of marijuana dispensary ATM services in Oregon, Colorado and Washington. We provide customized ATM machines that suit your business goals. You can buy, lease or rent any of these top quality ATMS. Furthermore, you also get access to technical support and 24/7 monitoring to reduce security risks. After all, your safety is our topmost priority. For further details, call us at 503.908.3451.

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