Despite the substantial rise in the sales of legal marijuana, dispensary owners still face a host of banking challenges. Most marijuana dispensaries still don’t accept credit or debit cards because of stringent federal laws.

Although there have been calls to have the Marijuana Dispensary Bank Law amended, a majority of businesses have no choice but to rely on cash for payments. And so, these dispensaries have ATM machines to facilitate their clients.

Marijuana dispensary ATM machines provide instant cash to customers. An ATM can make or break a business. Apart from benefiting marijuana customers, ATMs also helps marijuana businesses. Read on to discover how an ATM can help you and your customers:


Your customers need access to cash to make purchases at your dispensary. An ATM machine gives them ease and convenience in obtaining cash, anytime they want.

Your customers don’t have to go through the hassle of going to a bank. All they need is to show up at your dispensary, withdraw cash from the ATM, and spend it on your product. In a nutshell, they save time and energy, without having to roam around to find an ATM.


When you have a functional ATM at your dispensary, people will come to your store. Not just your regular customers, but new customers too. Having an ATM can expand your customer base. It’s an effective strategy to satisfy your customers.

As they use your dispensary ATM, they are likely to spend money on your products. So, along with attracting more customers, your sales increase too. Place the machine at a strategic location. Make sure it’s close to your products so that customers are likely to walk past them.

Furthermore, you will save on card fees. Every time customers use a credit or debit card, merchants have to pay certain amount of fees. Installing an ATM increases transactions, without having to spend on card fees. That being said, dispensary owners are required to pay for ATM installation.

If you’re looking to add an ATM to your dispensary for free, we can help. With over 15 years of experience, we are known as one of the leading marijuana dispensary ATM providers in the Northwest. We provide a variety of pricing packages for your marijuana dispensary ATM. Apart from our economical ATM plans, our expert team is available to provide technical guidance and support after the machine’s installation. Find out more our services.

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