There have been many debates regarding marijuana legalization. Some are against it, some in favor, and some have no say at all.

What matters is the impact of cannabis legalization on our lives. One thing that most people fail to recognize is that marijuana legalization will result in a boost in our economy. Below is a list of way marijuana legalization can positively impact our financial condition:

· Millions of Dollars Saved

Our criminal justice department spends millions of dollars in arresting, punishing, and prosecuting people for possession of cannabis. However, if marijuana is legalized across the U.S., the criminal justice department will no longer need to spend a fortune on catching people with weed. This money could be used in improving education systems, healthcare systems, and other important areas that our country needs help with.

· More Money Made from Weed

With marijuana being legalized, more people will be able to set-up marijuana farms and businesses, resulting in increased earnings. The government will also be able to setup a new industry for marijuana growth, packing, processing, and sales.

· Increased Job Opportunities

When marijuana will be a separate industry, businessmen will establish premises for the processing, production, growth, packaging, and sales of marijuana. This will result in increased job growth that will give more people a chance to secure a job and earn money, as a result, boosting the economy.

Legalization of marijuana is a hot topic amongst youngsters and baby boomers alike. The wealthy and the poor all have their eyes on new bills to be passed in regard with marijuana legalization. Whether you support the movement or not, one thing is for sure, marijuana legalization will give a boost to the economy, helping lower the inflation rate as well.

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