Cannabis legalization movement is continuing to score big wins across the U.S., but there are many who still oppose the movement. However, those who oppose its legalization cannot deny the fact that marijuana legalization is directly related to the crime rate in the country. Let’s find out!

No more revenue for drug lords selling weed

Drug lords around the country earn their living off of illegal weed. The people who sell illegal marijuana are criminals and terrorists, and if marijuana is legalized, they will have no work to do. With weed available legally in dispensaries, drug dealers will no longer be in demand. As a result, all the weed money going to criminals and terrorists will go to the government.

Lower burden on the criminal justice system

The criminal justice system and law enforcing agencies in the U.S. are required to catch criminals of all sorts including those selling illegal cannabis. This means that law enforcement agencies have to divide their time between different criminal activities, resulting in poor attention to serious criminals.

If marijuana gets legalized nationwide, criminal justice systems will have more time on their end to focus on serious criminals. This will also lower the overall crime rate in the U.S., freeing up lots of jail space.

Legalized Marijuana – Freeing the Country of Crime

There are a huge number of criminal activities happening every hour of the day in the U.S. and most of them are related to illegal marijuana trade. Every other day the U.S. security forces capture tons of weed getting illegally brought in to the country.

However, if weed gets legalized, the crime rate will drop majorly, giving the people of America some peace of mind.

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