LadyThere is more to a marijuana dispensary than just the product itself. Of course, what you sell matters, but so does how you sell it. In simpler terms, the success of your dispensary business depends on customer service.

No matter how big or small your marijuana dispensary is, efficient customer service can take your business to the next level. It is the key to attracting more customers and eventually enhancing overall sales. Customer service also differs good and great marijuana dispensaries.

Your customers want immediate, effective and consistent service. They seek unique, customized services. If you’re able to provide each customer with a positive experience, they will stick around.

How can you ensure the best customer service for your business? Read on to find out:

Invest in knowledgeable, courteous staff

Hire competent, friendly staff for your marijuana dispensary. Take the time to screen job candidates properly. After all, they will be selling your brand.

Even if someone is a marijuana expert, it’s possible that they might not treat your customers with respect. Take the time out to get to know every candidate before hiring him or her.

Train your staff

Conduct a thorough training session for staff. Discuss all aspects of your business that include your product, customer service, etc.

Your staff will meet all types of people. Teach them how to deal with different types of customers in a respectful manner. Make them understand how to develop long-term relationship with customers.

Great customer service is all about listening to customers’ needs, suggestions and complaints. Therefore, your team should be prepared to address customer problems in an understanding and professional manner.

If your staff is unable to do so, the customer will move on to another dispensary. At the end of the day, it’s not their loss, but yours.

Appearance and mannerisms

First impressions are everything in business. Make sure your staff is well dressed and well behaved. Customers have certain expectations from you. Nobody will shop at your dispensary if your workers are unclean and lazy.

Buy a marijuana ATM machine

If you want to keep your customers happy, invest in a dispensary ATM.  It’s the only way to guarantee a solid customer base.

After all, the constantly changing marijuana banking laws have made it impossible for dispensaries to accept credit cards. In order to exceed customer expectations, get a personalized ATM solution for your dispensary.

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