ATMs for Your Marijuana Dispensary

ATMs for Your Marijuana Dispensary

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Marijuana Dispensary ATMs

GreenStar ATM brings continuity, function, and Cash flow to any OMMP, MMJ, RMJ, Marijuana dispensary, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate. Here are some of our services:


Next Day ATM Installation *


Banking Solutions


24/7 ATM Monitoring


Custom Designs for Your ATM


Full Service ATM & Cash Provider


Credit Card Payments Processing


Profitable ATMs & Payments Plan


Free ATM Placement *

Local Marijuana Dispensary ATM Sales, Service & Repair in Oregon, Washington, Colorado & California

If you are looking for more information on your options to get an ATM into your marijuana dispensary click the indiviual links below, or click here to visit our ATM Prices & Options page.

Marijuana dispensary ATM service that you can count on

In a world where marijuana banking laws are constantly changing, we understand the need for dispensaries to keep cash 24/7. We bring to you the most reliable solutions to keep your dispensary stocked with cash. As a reputable ATM provider, we provide a wide range of marijuana dispensary ATM services in Oregon.  We develop customized ATM solutions that best suits your needs. From installation to cash loading to maintenance, our experts handle everything!

After all, we have over 15 years of knowledge and experience in providing ATM services to marijuana dispensaries. We are also available to provide technical support post ATM installation. Simplify your marijuana dispensary operations. Buy complete and efficient dispensary ATM machines with us.


In a Hurry for an ATM?  Qualify Now!

I want an ATM, I need an ATM, I have to get an ATM… NOW!  Start here!  This fast-track program gets an ATM in your dispensary as fast as humanly possible.


Partner for Profit with our 50/50 Split

Can you think of anything better than an ATM spitting out cash for you? Well how about a partnership with the industry’s best – Greenstar ATM.


Add an ATM to your business Location for FREE!

Free placement requires no money down on your part, and you get paid to have an ATM generating cash for your business.


Know What You Want?
Buy an ATM Now

Purchasing an ATM for your marijuana dispensary can be a difficult proposition with many models to choose from, but we make it easy.


Don’t Want to Own that ATM? Lease It Instead!

The advantages to leasing are plenty, but the best is that you don’t have to buy the machine and you have a simple upgrade process.


Credit Card Processing & Marijuana Banking Solutions

Although Federal laws are slow to keep up with the states, we have the financial solutions you need to take credit cards, and secure your money.  Inquire within!

Read What Our Clients Have To Say

“GreenStar ATM nailed it. I didn’t know the best way to go, but they helped me decide if I should buy or lease my ATM, or go with the free ATM placement option. They took their time explaining my options and my ATM was in place within days.  The experience was truly fantastic.”
M. Hill


“I’ve worked with ATM companies with my other businesses, and service was spotty at best. With GreenStar I have been thrilled – the equipment is top notch and I am comfortable with the service technicians. I feel like I can trust their team, and when it comes to the cash in my OMMP Dispensary, that’s a big deal.”
L. Swick


“The ATM is really helpful to our customers and basically makes half our sales bigger than they would have been otherwise. Our bud is so nice people always want to buy more than the amount of cash they came in with so they hit the ATM!  Everybody at GreenStar has been friendly and we got our ATM in the store super fast. Thank you!”
J. Anderson

Dispensary Manager

You Need an ATM for your Dispensary... The Time is Now!

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