Business owners running a marijuana dispensary need to consider leasing an ATM machine to place in their store. Since most banks fail to offer marijuana dispensaries a banking solution, marijuana dispensary owners have to look for an alternate way. Marijuana dispensaries unable to obtain a banking solution from a bank should look towards a third party provider, offering an ATM machine. They can lease an ATM machine for however long they want to with no obligation to buy it later on. If you are thinking of leasing an ATM, here is what you need to do:

Conduct Research

You will come across several ATM providers. However, only a select few will be worth checking out. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential ATM providers, you need to call each one up. Ask each ATM company what they charge for delivery, installation, and repair and maintenance. You should also ask them to give you a quote and if they offer a fixed monthly payment fee. You want to opt for an ATM provider that offers ATM services free of charge and charges a fixed monthly payment fee.

Select a Company

It is important to make an informed decision on the ATM provider you choose to supply you an ATM machine. You have to ensure they supply you an ATM machine built using the latest technology available in the ATM industry. Even if the ATM provider offers free repairs and maintenance, you do not want to be stuck leasing an ATM machine that breaks down several times in a month.

Sign the Contract

Once you have selected the ATM provider you want to lease an ATM from, you need to sign the contract. Be sure to read the contract before you sign it. You want to look for all the agreed terms regarding the fixed monthly payment fee and the free ATM services.


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