Good maintenance is essential for ATM machines at marijuana dispensaries. Whether you realize it or not, a dispensary ATM plays an integral role in promoting your business.

It reflects your brand image; therefore it’s crucial to keep it in top condition.

And as they say, first impression is the last impression. Your customers would not want to withdraw money from an ATM. As a result, your customer base might decline. Not to mention, your business revenue may also suffer.

Planning to embark on DIY ATM cleaning? Here are some easy, effective ways to clean your machine:

  • First off, deactivate the power. Every time you clean the machine, switch off the electrical cables. Be sure not to mix any electrical component with water.
  • After disconnecting power, inspect the machine’s vault. Use a fresh cloth to get rid of dust and dirt from the vault. For small dust particles, you can vacuum the area. Always use a damp cloth for cleaning purpose.
  • Next step, focus on cleaning the machine’s cash dispenser and printer assembly. This helps remove paper and other particles that might interfere with the sensor’s functioning. You can use compressed air dusters to do so.
  •  Combine a few drops of detergent and mild water to clean the machine’s surface. Be careful though. Don’t use harsh cleaning products that contain bleach. Bleach is hazardous to human health. Besides this, it may damage the machine’s paint. Similarly, don’t use too much water. You don’t want to damage any electrical components of the machine.
  • Use a mild cleaning solution. Emphasis should be on the belts and pick wheels.
  • Once you cleaned the machine, wait for it to dry before you start using it again.

Follow these cleaning tips to ensure your dispensary ATM looks great. Alongside regular cleaning, cover it with plastic, especially in extreme weather conditions. Another useful tip is to have an antibacterial hand sanitizer dispenser installed near it. This will reduce the passage of bacteria to the machine’s surface.

For further information on dispensary ATMs, contact us. We specialize in a wide range of ATM services to legal marijuana dispensaries across the Northwest – Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Our mission is simple – to help you do better business by providing your customers with hassle-free marijuana payment processing.  We develop customized ATM solutions that best suits your business needs. From installation to maintenance, our experts handle everything.

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