ATMs Give You and Your Customers Additional Safety

Having an ATM in your dispensary gives you 24/7 cash service. Your customers will be more relaxed and secure not having to carry cash on them.  ATMs operate through an offsite team of service providers, meaning you don’t have to worry about the service not being available on weekends or after midnight, which gives you greater peace of mind.

ATMs free you from high rates and fees that may accrue with credit card processing accounts.  Safety is key for your customers and your business. Having an ATM makes you safer, as you don’t have to hold as much cash in your store register either.  If you are not sure yet about buying an ATM, consider leasing an ATM as an alternative. You can avoid high rates and fees that may accrue with traditional credit card processing accounts. Install an ATM and make your highest profits, creating more security for your business and customers. 

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